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Top 3 Questions You Need to be Asking Your Designer

Top 3 Questions You Need to be Asking Your Designer

Top 3 Questions You Need to be Asking Your Designer.

When you are looking into adding cabinets in your home, whether it’s for the kitchen, a bathroom or another area of your home, there are simple questions that should be asked to help you determine the right designer for your project. If you don’t ask these key questions you could be missing out on huge opportunities to customize the experience to fit your needs and liking.

Question No.1: What services do you offer?

Easy question right? The simplest of questions can often be forgotten. By making a list of these top 3 questions you can ensure that your cabinet buying experience will be a breeze. (here is my template and guide to be better prepared for the answers to all your question)

First things first: Every Designer is different so depending on the type of project you are wanting, they will have different answers for you. By taking the time to talk with multiple designers you will be able to determine which person is right for you and your project. You don't just need to pick the right designer; you also need to determine what services those designers have to offer. Some designers will offer multiple services, such as installation and free measuring, while others will be limited in what they can do. Examples: online stores, can offer designs and insights but can't come measure your space for you. While designers that live near you can come measure while also getting a feel of what kind of space you are working with. (How to Measure your Kitchen) (Measuring Template)

By asking this question you will have more clarity and knowledge about what services you will be getting for your money. Ask the designer what they can do for you, will they work with contractors, personally measure your space, or offer help with directing you to other contractors for key things like flooring, lighting or even plumbing? Most designer’s offer options that just include the design and consultation. While others offer an all around package deal, which can include the installation of the cabinets you choose. Most of the time you have the option to tailor your needs with how much involvement you would like the designer to have in your home project.  


Question No.2: Can you work within my budget?

This is an extremely important question to ask. The best design for your kitchen or bath won't mean anything if you can't afford it. Be honest with your designer about the budget you are working with. After all you are hiring them not the other way around. A good designer should be able to give you multiple price points on cabinets that will fit in your budget. Not only should they be finding different price points for your style, the designer should take into consideration the functionality of the space you are working with to get the most out of your kitchen. (depending on the size of space you are working with cabinet pricing will change, keep this in mind when working out your budget)  10x10 kitchen price or 12x12

Once you have a set price point, be firm about it. Nothing is more annoying than a salesperson adding more than you can afford. By being firm about your pricing you don't allow yourself to stretch your budget too far, this can cause stress and tension in the project. Over stretching your budget will take all the joy out of your remodel which  should be a creative and fun experience for you.

Great tip: (don't focus on the individual cabinet price but the cabinet price as whole kitchen you often get a discount if you buy as a set) (Not what I meant when I said this. I meant one cabinet may cost $1000 out of a $5000 kitchen, but if they focus on that cabinet they may think it’s a lot. It’s often an important cabinet first off, and secondly why does that one cabinet matter when you have the ideal design set up you wanted and still came in at or under your budget?)

Question No.3: How can you make my kitchen more efficient?

First you need to find out the layout of your space- do you have an L-shaped Kitchen, U-shaped maybe you are not sure?  

By determining your kitchen shape it will help you in determining what needs to be done to make the space as efficient as possible. Sometimes moving things around can make a world of difference. An example of this would be moving the fridge to a different space to create more counter space and add a pull out trash can.

Ask your designer for their opinion (remember you do not have to go with everything they say, after all you will be living with it) You may find your designer has creative ideas that you never thought of. Your designer should ask you how you use the kitchen. Is it only for cooking? Do you host a lot of parties where people gather in the kitchen? Is the kitchen the area you spend most of your time in? All of these things should be taken into consideration when designing your perfect kitchen.

Bonus Question: What are the trends and styles you are seeing right now?

Ask your designer if you can see samples and pictures of the latest styles. This will help you figure out what trend you like and the ones that definitely don't fit your style. Look at colors and cabinet materials, such as different woods and finishes. Take into consideration the flooring color and what counter tops you like the best. All of these elements will have to be considered in tying the kitchen together. Do you like the most popular colors or are you looking to set a new trend? The sky's the limit when designing your kitchen to your unique style.

Now that you have these practical tips to help make your kitchen efficient and effortless for you, drop a line and let me know if these tips helped you make your kitchen designing experience a breeze. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter and check out all the other helpful tips and tricks I have for your remodeling needs.

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